Beowulf diskless cluster suite

The Parallel Research Group, Computer and Network System
Research Laboratory (CONSYL) Department of Computer Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand is
proud to announce the availability of the

Beowulf Diskless Cluster Suite

at http://smile.cpe.ku.ac.th/software/diskless.

The Beowulf Diskless Cluster Suite is a utility that helps you
build a diskless beowulf cluster easily.


  • Supported remote booting by ROM or floppy
  • User may define where the kernel is: floppy or server
  • Easy to use menu based user interface, just follow the
  • Configurable system services for all nodes
  • Load and save configuration
  • Automatically generates all configuration files
  • Up to 254 diskless nodes supported in this version