BetaNews: Mozilla Team Responds

[ We wish we had found this when it first appeared in
BetaNews, on April 6th, when the press coverage of the Netscape 6
beta release was at its peak — it’s an extensive, in-depth Q&A
with the Netscape/Mozilla team – LT ed. ]

“About a month ago, we took your questions regarding one of the
most contentious open source projects in existence. Two years ago,
Netscape Communications released the source code to its once mighty
Communicator Web browser in an effort to save the browser – and
thus the company – from Microsoft’s increasing market

“Did the gamble pay off? That’s the question we asked some
of the Netscape-employed contributors to the endeavor that has
become known as Mozilla, on the eve of its first commercial
incarnation: Netscape 6.0.”