BetaNews: MS fingers in the Firewall pie

Thanks to narsi for this

“Microsoft is working to release the first Developer Beta of
‘Comet’ Technologies, a codename for a suite of networking and
security tools for Windows. Comet includes a secure firewall,
high-performance proxy/cache services, a fax server, a web-based
interactive voice response (IVR) engine, and other network
connectivity services.”

“According to a few testers, Microsoft recently launched the
Comet Beta Web site and is expected to invite beta testers shortly.
Although no comment has been made on who will get to test Comet, it
is assumed only those in the Windows 2000 beta program will be
invited. The suite currently runs exclusively on Windows 2000
Server RC1, even though many of its included technologies will be
supported under Windows 9x, NT4 and even Windows for Workgroups.
Because of this, Microsoft is developing Comet as a separate beta
program than Windows 2000.”

“Despite their separate beta programs, Comet’s development is
set to coincide with that of Windows 2000. Many of its services are
specifically designed to run on the upcoming operating system.
Windows 2000 began beta testing in 1997 and is expected to hit RTM
(Release To Manufacturing) late this Fall. As Windows 2000 nears
completion, so will Comet, integrating its services into the near
feature-complete OS.”