Bluefish 0.3.1 HTML editor released

Olivier Sessink

Hi all,

on behalf of the Bluefish development team I would like to
announce the release of Bluefish 0.3.1. The changes are: a major
bugfix for all Gtk-1.2.0 and Gtk-1.2.1 users, some other annoying
bugfixes, better packaging and some user interface

Bluefish is a programmers HTML editor, designed to save the
experienced webmaster some keystrokes. It features a multiple file
editor, multiple toolbars, custom menu’s, image and thumbnail
dialogs, open from the web, HTML validation and lots of wizards. It
is in continous development, but already one of the better HTML

Bluefish requires GTK and Imlib is recommended. Bluefish should
run on any POSIX (UNIX-like) platform. For general Bluefish
comments the email adres [email protected] can be
contacted. For more info please visit the website at http://bluefish.linuxbox.com/

Olivier Sessink