Book Excerpt: Linux Kernel Development, 3rd Edition

“Chapter 2: Getting Started with the Kernel

“In this chapter, we introduce some of the basics of the Linux
kernel: where to get its source, how to compile it, and how to
install the new kernel. We then go over the differences between the
kernel and user-space programs and common programming constructs
used in the kernel. Although the kernel certainly is unique in many
ways, at the end of the day it is little different from any other
large software project.

“Obtaining the Kernel Source

“The current Linux source code is always available in both a
complete tarball (an archive created with the tar command) and an
incremental patch from the official home of the Linux kernel,

“Unless you have a specific reason to work with an older version
of the Linux source, you always want the latest code. The
repository at kernel.org is the place to get it, along with
additional patches from a number of leading kernel developers.”

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