Boston Globe: FreeBSD, ‘the other Linux,’ takes a different approach to free software

“There are a fair number of visitors to the show who recognize
the cheerful demon logo and what it stands for. Hubbard’s company,
FreeBSD Inc., has a strong reputation among people in the
Still, most of the glory and glamor of LinuxWorld pass
him by.

“Without bitterness, Hubbard concedes the obvious. “We lost the
PR war.”

“Like Linux, FreeBSD is an operating system modeled after
Unix… As the name implies, FreeBSD can be gotten for free, by
download over the Internet, just like Linux. And as with Linux, the
source code… is available…”

“… times are good for FreeBSD. The success of Linux is
attracting a steady flow of new users. Hubbard says FreeBSD is
content to be a follower, while Linux breaks the trail for free

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