Burnin for You… A Developer’s Nightmare

Regardless of what they are, most of these lines of code are given freely, with little expectation of recompense or recognition. They make all of our lives easier.

But the spotlight does find some people, regardless of whether they want it or not.

Ikey Doherty is one such person.

Ikey is the author of the Linux Distro, SolusOS. Solus has caused quite a stir even in its infancy. Born from the immense dislike for Gnome 3 and Unity, Ikey has set his goals on creating a distro that uses Gnome 3 technology with full backwards compatibility with GTK2. In short, people are getting their old Gnome 2 Desktop back, with some great added function.

It’s not been an easy feat, but Ikey forges ahead because people like his work. A lot of people.

Thousands use his work….some of them on mission-critical work stations and servers.

It’s just that good.

But the whole thing almost went up in smoke 24 hours ago. No, I mean really up in smoke.