BW: 1mage Software Installs Linux Document Imaging System

“1mage Software announced the installation of its first
Linux-based imaging system to Plastic Dress-Up Co. (PDU), the
world’s leading manufacturer of awards and recognition

“PDU’s installation of 1MAGE is on Red Hat Linux…and
Informix’s Unidata (Ardent Software) database. The capabilities
of 1MAGE, previously only available on UNIX and Windows NT, is now
being shipped on Linux, one of the world’s fastest growing
operating systems for the Internet.

“David DeYoung, president of 1mage, stated: “We are very pleased
with this release of 1MAGE, which gives our customers a real choice
in platforms, from UNIX, Linux to NT. Our initial performance tests
indicate that 1MAGE performs at a higher level than the same
release under Windows NT 4.0.” DeYoung continued, “Our technical
staff is quite impressed with the ease of setup and use of the
Linux operating system, stating that it is significantly easier to
install and use than some of the other platforms we have

Press Release