BW: Boeing Chooses ParaSoft’s CodeWizard to Automate Coding Standard Enforcement Across Company

“The Boeing Company and ParaSoft Corporation have jointly
announced that Boeing is licensing ParaSoft’s CodeWizard to
automate coding standard enforcement on major software development
programs. CodeWizard will automatically enforce “programming rules”
and coding guidelines created by Boeing and already in use by the
company’s developers. Coding standards are used to ensure quality
and uniformity in programs produced by a company’s developers.
Although they are not a new phenomenon, companies until recently
had to rely on “self-policing” by developers to ensure that their
standards were followed.”

“CodeWizard is the world’s only automatic coding standard
enforcement tool.
It uses patented Source Code Analysis
technology (patent No. 5,860,011) to automatically alert
developers of over 70 coding standard violations in C++
These violations represent high-level design flaws
or other problems that may hinder code readability, portability,

“CodeWizard is available for Windows NT/95/98,
Linux, DEC Alpha, Sun/Solaris, SGI (IRIX 5.x & 6.x),
HP (10 & 11), IBM RS/6000 (AIX 3.4 & 4.x). Pricing starts
at $995 (single user, machine locked) for Windows.”

Press Release