BW: Boulder Software Foundry Releases New Version of Flashpoint Application Server Technology

“Joins the Open Source Revolution”

“Boulder Software Foundry today announced that it is embracing
the Open Source model of software distribution and will extend the
capabilities of its Flashpoint Application Server Technology
(Flashpoint) to the fast growing Open Source community.”

“Flashpoint applications generate HTML pages as output to Web
browsers without requiring CGI as glue between the Web and the
application. Flashpoint blends the utility and worldwide acceptance
of HTML as a visual rendering tool with the power and elegance of C
and C++. Flashpoint is a fast, high-volume, multi-threaded server
for C or C++ applications and can be used in conjunction with or as
a replacement to Apache.”

“‘The Open Source software model is the future of application
development,’ says Robert Sanders, Chief Executive Officer of
Boulder Software Foundry. ‘A key benefit of Open Source is that
users of the software are free to modify the source however they
deem necessary. This allows customers to benefit from the creative
innovations and expertise of a very large network of