BW: Corel Completes Strategic Acquisition of Professional Graphics Products from MetaCreations

“Corel Corp. (Nasdaq:CORL)(TSE:COR) and MetaCreations Corp.
(Nasdaq:MCRE) today announced that Corel has acquired several
industry-leading graphics software products and technologies from
Corel has purchased three leading product lines
widely used in the graphic arts community: MetaCreations
Painter(TM), the Natural Media(R) painting program, Kai’s Power
Tools(R) (KPT(R)) and KPT Vector Effects(R), top-selling plug-in
applications for Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) and Adobe(R) Illustrator(R),
and Bryce(R), 3D landscape creation and animation software. All
products are compatible with Macintosh(R) and Windows(R).”

“Corel has ambitious plans for these products, including
launching new versions for both the Web and retail distribution
channels throughout the year. It also plans to broaden the range of
localized versions worldwide.”

“To ensure a smooth transition and continued development of
MetaCreations Painter, Corel has contracted Mark Zimmer, Tom Hedges
and John Derry, the creators of MetaCreations Painter. Corel also
plans to contract additional MetaCreations engineers to assist in
the development of the MetaCreations Painter, KPT and Bryce product

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