BW: Derlan Gains 10% of Spellcaster Telecommunications Inc — a Linux-based Solutions Provider

“Derlan Industries…announced today that, in conjunction with
the acquisition of MediaGlobe Networks Inc. by SpellCaster
Telecommunications Inc., it now has a 10 per cent Common Share
interest in SpellCaster in addition to its holding of Preferred
Shares. SpellCaster is a privately held company that provides
digital telecommunication solutions for Linux-based systems and has
been developing products based on the Linux platform since

As a result of the MediaGlobe Networks acquisition,
SpellCaster has acquired full ownership rights to a Linux-based
server software family.
This software is currently being used
as the primary operating system software on the servers of a select
group of international corporations. The company plans to formally
launch its new range of Linux-based products during Q2, calendar
2000. Existing SpellCaster customers include Cisco Systems, Bell
Atlantic and ComStock/Standard & Poor’s.”

“Robert Lavigne, President of SpellCaster, said: “SpellCaster
continues to put Linux to work and has pioneered the use of the
open source operating system to significantly reduce both the time
and cost of development for its customers. The use of Linux has
given SpellCaster a significant advantage over traditional,
proprietary operating systems, communications and control systems
providers in the Internet, telecom and automation control

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