BW: GameCom Launches Inaugural `Net GameLink Tournament

“GameCom, Inc., a fully-reporting Texas corporation, today
announced that its inaugural ‘Net GameLink intra-club tournament
will be held this Friday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. CST at J.
Gilligan’s Bar & Grill in Arlington, Texas.”

“‘An integral part of GameCom’s developing marketing plan is
intra-club tournaments,’ said John Aleckner, GameCom’s president.
‘While this tournament will no doubt be fun for its participants,
in reality this is a clinical experiment for GameCom with an eye
toward obtaining player feedback for tournament models to be
included in our marketing plan.'”

“Interested parties are invited to observe the tournament to be
broadcast live on the “Gilligan’s Cam” on GameCom’s website…”

“‘Net GameLink is a network-enabled computer gaming
entertainment system featuring
a 3′ X 3′ X 6.5′ physical kiosk
enclosure. ‘Net GameLink(TM) features the AMD Athlon processor,
a Redhat 6.1 Linux system for firewalling and routing services, and
state-of-the-art software, hardware, and connectivity to provide
interactive play among gamers
at a single location via an
or at widely-disbursed locations via the Internet.
Each ‘Net GameLink location will provide access to the user’s
choice of approximately ten games at any time via the intranet, all
of which will be in an interactive format, and to a multitude of
games via the Internet.”

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