BW: Georgia Institute of Technology to build new Product for PacketPort.com

“PacketPort.com today announced that the Company has signed a
$1.4 million product development contract with the Georgia Tech
Research Corporation, (GTRC). Under terms of the agreement with
GTRC, the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) will build
PacketPort.com’s PA 1000 VoDSL IP (Internet Protocol) appliance.
This new technology developed by PacketPort’s engineering team, is
designed to convert analog voice signals from ordinary home or
office telephones to be transported over the DSL using Internet
This technology allows for reduced long distance
charges as well as simultaneous transmission of voice, fax and data
without costly network upgrades.”

“GTRI is a leader in moving products from concept to market.
They will facilitate all aspects of the appliance circuit design
including selection and implementation of various DSP algorithms,
deployment of the Linux based real time operating system as well as
testing of various protocol stacks.”

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