BW: IChargeit, Inc., Begins Manufacturing and Marketing $399 Linux PC Computer Systems

“iChargeit…d.b.a. Shoppingplanet.com, a diversified Internet
retailer, today announced it began manufacturing a line of Linux
based PC Computer Systems for $399, through their wholly-owned
subsidiary Bay Micro Computers, Inc.”

The Company is marketing these systems on their web
site…as well as through their Bay Micro reseller

“The Linux based computers systems comes with a Linux based
operating system, Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: SUNW) Star Office Suite
5.1 software, which contains a word processor, spread sheet,
presentation, drawing and browser programs, Corel (NASDAQ:CORL)
WordPerfect Suite 8, an organizer, text editor, multiple games, an
MP3 player, a media player, a CD player, a MIDI karaoke player, and
utilities including an address book, calculator and tape back-up.
The computer system is powered by an AMD (NYSE:AMD) K6-2 400 MHz
CPU chip, and contains 32 MB PC-100 S-D Ram and a 4.3 GB IDE
ulta-66 hard drive. The monitor will be sold separately.”

Press Release