BW: Informix Web-enables 4GL Applications with Dynamic 4GL 3.0

Thanks to Alan
for this link.

“Latest Release Delivers Full-support for Windows and the

“Informix® Corporation (Nasdaq:IFMX – news), the technology
leader in enterprise database powered solutions, today announced
Informix Dynamic 4GL(TM) 3.0.”

“This new release of the product will provide partners and end
users with the fastest way to migrate their Informix 4GL
applications to Windows and the Web, while leveraging 100 percent
of their existing source code, development expertise and user
training. Dynamic 4GL 3.0 offers simultaneous support for
character, Windows and now Java web clients when deployed on
Windows NT, Linux or UNIX application servers.”

“Ease of migration, a key benefit of the product, is obtained by
simply recompiling the Informix 4GL source code with Dynamic 4GL.
Additionally, developers can take advantage of Dynamic 4GL’s new
graphical presentation options such as dialog boxes, tool bars,
bubble help, folder tabs and cut and paste. Its three-tier, thin
client architecture continues the long-standing tradition of highly
scalable, transaction and performance-oriented database
applications that Informix 4GL users expect, while providing an
intuitive look and feel for a variety of new graphical client