BW: Inprise/Borland and Hitachi Strengthen Co-Development Relationship…

“Inprise/Borland Corporation (Nasdaq: INPR) and Hitachi, Ltd
(NYSE: HIT; Tokyo: 6501,), one of the world’s leading vendors of
reliable enterprise software systems, today announced that they
have signed a worldwide amendment to an existing licensing
agreement for CORBA and Java Development Technology.”

“Under the terms of the new agreement, the research and
development laboratories of the two organizations will each begin
to share their own innovations to Inprise/Borland’s VisiBroker(R)
product line, including source code for functional innovation,
technical enhancement and quality improvement.”

“As provided in a previous agreement, Hitachi will continue to
license Inprise/Borland’s VisiBroker CORBA object request broker
(ORB) and Inprise’s Java development technology for inclusion in
Hitachi’s CORBA technology products, such as TPBroker(R) product
suite and the Cosminexus Application Server*. [*Cosminexus
Application Server is currently marketed only in Japan.]”

Press Release