BW: Internet Appliance Network Selects Espial Technology for Virgin Entertainment’s Webplayer…

“Espial(TM), the leader in Internet appliance solutions, has
joined forces with Internet Appliance Network (IAN), the first
company to combine Internet marketing and e-commerce with
web-enabled devices, to produce the WebPlayer(TM), an innovative
Internet appliance for Virgin Entertainment Group.”

“Launched today, the WebPlayer from Virginconnect is a
flat-screen Internet device that delivers a desktop-equivalent
multimedia browsing experience without a PC. Virgin is distributing
the WebPlayer to a select 10,000 customers who will be able to
listen and securely purchase CDs over the Internet without a home
PC. It is based on Espial Escape(TM) version 4.0 web browser and
Espial Espresso(TM) GUI platform.”

“IAN’s solution of a branded Internet appliance uses Linux,
Java, and core technologies from Espial for a more compelling user
experience. Consumers, however, only see a Virgin-branded browser
interface for content, applications, e-commerce, online
advertising, customer support, and so on.
This gives Virgin
continuous exposure while offering consumers a simple alternative
to surfing the Internet.”

Press Release