BW: Jonathan Doneson Elected To TeamLinux Corporation Board of Directors

“TeamLinux Corporation announced today that Jonathan D. Doneson,
Chief Executive Officer of the Stockton Equities Group, has been
elected to the Board of Directors.”

“Doneson has a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Baruch
University in New York, where he began his career in the securities
industry. He purchased Stockton Equities Group in early 1998 and
has upgraded the firm to market maker status. During his tenure,
the firm has grown almost tenfold. Stockton Equities was
instrumental in the completing the first rounds of funding for
TeamLinux and has been involved with numerous high-technology IPO

“We are pleased to officially have Jonathan as part of our team.
Jon and his firm were a great asset to us in our first rounds
of funding and his experience and expertise have been invaluable in
our development
,” said Dan Maher, TeamLinux chairman and chief
executive officer. “We look forward to his expanded role on our

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