BW: Leading Supplier of Embedded CORBA Software Receives Investments

“Highlander Engineering, Inc., the leading provider of
middleware for connecting intelligent devices, announced today that
it has received investments from Lovett Miller & Co.,
Incorporated… and Wind River Systems, Inc…”

“… The investments, the amount of which were not disclosed,
will allow the HighComm division of Highlander to capitalize on the
rapidly growing demand for its Common Object Request Broker
Architecture (CORBA) compliant software.”

“The Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) is used
to accelerate the development of distributed applications by
providing an object-oriented framework that insulates software
developers from the details of interprocessor communication and
underlying system architecture. CORBA-compliance gives embedded
application components the ability to transparently interoperate
with objects implemented on any of the more than 50 platforms with
CORBA support, including all common Windows, Unix and Linux
variants. CORBA also provides seamless communication between
components implemented in different programming languages, such as
C, C++ and Java.”

“The HighComm VisiBroker for Embedded Systems products
incorporate a CORBA-compliant Object Request Broker (ORB). Other
VisiBroker features include support for high availability,
customizable interceptor and security schemes, and optimizations
for embedded and real-time requirements. HighComm develops its
VisiBroker for Embedded Systems products in partnership with
Inprise/Borland Corporation…”

Press release