BW: Linux2order.com – is Launched, Offering Largest Compilation of Linux Applications

“Linux2order.com, a Web-based company offering software
applications and utilities for the Linux operating system,
officially launched today offering the widest selection of
downloadable Linux programs on the Internet.”

“In addition, Linux2order.com guarantees that all applications
are the most current versions available.”

“The company, based in Provo, Utah, also unveiled its Web site –
www.linux2order.com – where users can peruse more than 5,000 Linux
titles, read reviews and select the applications that best meet
their needs. All titles can be downloaded for free, or they can be
ordered on a custom CD-ROM for $12.95, plus shipping.”

“We’re offering an end to the frustration associated with
waiting and searching for Linux software,” said Erik Vogel,
president and CEO of Linux2order.com. “Linux users can now
visit one central location to review the largest selection of
current Linux programs on the Internet to find the applications
that are right for their needs.

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