BW: Lynx Provides M-Systems DiskOnChip Driver With LynxOS…

“Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc. today announced that the driver
for the M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. DiskOnChip is being
freely distributed with LynxOS(R) real-time operating systems
(RTOS), providing users working with LynxOS the capability of
DiskOnChip as the local Flash storage solution.”

“LynxOS, the cornerstone of the Lynx product offerings, is a
UNIX-compatible, POSIX-conformant real-time operating system for
embedded applications. The M-Systems DiskOnChip line is a family of
high-performance, single-chip Flash disks available in a wide range
of capacities. The Lynx/M-Systems products partnership provides
LynxOS users a faster, cost-effective solution for applications
with limited space.”

“Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc. is the leader in embedded Linux
and the pre-eminent developer and supplier of operating system
software for reliable and high-performance embedded applications.
Lynx products support industry standards in communications,
avionics, automotive, office automation and process control systems
worldwide, enabling customers to leverage their investments in
software and education. The Lynx offerings include: the
LynuxWorks(TM) product family that supports both the open source
BlueCat(TM) Linux and LynxOS(R) real-time operating system;
software frameworks for high-availability systems; development
tools and technical support worldwide.”

Press Release