BW: Maxoptix Announces MaxRAID High-Performance Magneto-Optical RAID Array

“Maxoptix Corp., a leading developer and manufacturer of Magneto
Optical (MO) disk drive technology, announced today the new MaxRAID
series of 5.25-inch MO RAID products.”

“MaxRAID is a true plug-and-play storage peripheral providing
the ability to support RAID arrays with up to 20 removable 5.2GB MO
drives on a single Ultra-SCSI interface. MaxRAID provides both
high-performance and fault-tolerant data storage in a hot-swapable
5.25″ MO form factor that supports a wide variety of host operating
system platforms without requiring changes or additions to the host
platform software.”

“The MaxRAID offers users increased performance for a wide
variety of removable storage applications such as document imaging,
medical imaging, large data exchange, archive and backup and can be
easily integrated into Windows 95/98 and NT, UNIX, Linux, Netware
and Macintosh-based environments.
The MaxRAID storage
subsystem will be available through leading OEMs, distributors,
VARs and system integrators worldwide with a starting list price of

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