BW: Merlin Software Technologies International Announces Acquisition Agreement

“Merlin Software Technologies International Inc. (the
“Company”)…announced today the signing of an agreement to acquire
all of the issued and outstanding shares of Linux software
developer Merlin Software Technologies Inc.”

“Under the terms of the agreement the Company will issue
7,900,000 shares of its common stock to the shareholders of Merlin
Software Technologies Inc. in exchange for all the issued and
outstanding shares of Merlin Software Technologies Inc.. The
Company will also undergo management reorganization. Robert Heller
will assume the role of President of Merlin Software Technologies
International Inc.; Gary Heller that of Vice President,
Engineering; and Shelley Montgomery will assume the position of
Vice President, Marketing….”

Merlin Software Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of
Linux and Unix software solutions including PerfectBACKUP+ and
HotWire FAX.
PerfectBACKUP+ runs on the latest Linux kernels
including distributions from Red Hat (Nasdaq:RHAT), TurboLinux,
Caldera, Corel, S.U.S.E., Debian and others. PerfectBACKUP+
provides backup scheduling and remote backup, encryption, robotics
module, enhanced security and many other features with both a
graphical and character interface.”

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