BW: Merlin Software to Provide Support For Sun’s Solaris, IBM AIX and RedHat SPARC

“Merlin Software Technologies International Inc., a leading
developer of Linux based software applications and utilities, today
announced it will provide support for Sun’s Solaris operating
system, IBM AIX and RedHat SPARC in the upcoming release of
PerfectBACKUP+ v7.0.”

“PerfectBACKUP+ was originally written for the Unix operating
system and ported to Linux in 1996. Prior to that it was sold on as
many as eleven variants of the Unix operating system, including
Solaris SPARC and Intel and Interactive Unix, when it was sold as
Fastback Plus for Unix,” said Robert Heller, President of Merlin
Software Technologies. “Even though PerfectBACKUP+ for Solaris
is still in release 5, we continue to see between 100 and 140
downloads of the product each month. That’s roughly 20% of all
PerfectBACKUP+ downloads from our site.

“PerfectBACKUP+, release 5, is still available directly from the
Merlin web site, at www.MerlinSofTech.com , for AT&T SVR4, SCO
UnixWare 1.x, 2.x and 7.x, SCO OpenServer 5, Sun Solaris SPARC and
Sun Solaris Intel, Sun’s Interactive Unix, FreeBSD 2.2, BSDI/OS 2.x
and HP-UX 10.x.”

Press Release