BW: MRV Communications Receives Editor’s Choice Award From Communications News

“MRV Communications Inc., received the Communications News
Editor’s Choice award for its NBase-Xyplex Linux Router.”

“Communications News, a leading communications industry
publication for the last 36 years, awarded the powerful, creative
Linux Switch Router this award for being one of the industry’s most
innovative new technologies.”

“Communications News stated the Linux Switch Router is `the
industry’s first high-performance enterprise switch router to
integrate the open architecture of the Linux OS.'”

“With Linux as its software base, the OSR 8040 allows customers
to take advantage of nonproprietary, cutting-edge application
options that are constantly being developed. The OSR 8040 is a
Linux switch router in an 18-slot chassis with a 40 Gbps routing
fabric, frame and cell scheduling, and high-speed ASICs that
support up to 26 million packets per second of throughput.”