BW: New ASP Creates First-Of-Its-Kind Health Care Providers Network With Linux-based VPN

“DrFirst.com, launched on the first day of the new
millennium, today announced creation of the first Internet-based,
end-to-end medical practice management network that operates with
legacy systems,
and, keeps patient records within the doctor’s

“One of the biggest advantages of DrFirst.com’s approach —
enabling doctors to use their current equipment to smoothly
transition to Internet-based service delivery — is made possible
by the company’s Bridgeware(tm) product. Built on V-ONE’s Instant
Extranet Server (IXS), which itself is based on RedHat Linux,
Bridgeware enables today’s physician management systems, such as
Medisoft(tm), Lytec(tm) and others, to be accessible over the
Internet from anywhere at any time. Extensive use of Java, XML, and
CORBA technology makes this possible.

“DrFirst.com is also different from other healthcare ASPs by
permitting member doctors to continue keeping their patient records
within the confines of their office.”