BW: New Software Seminar Series…Focuses on Real-Time Operating Systems…

“Ziatech Corp…is hosting a continuing series of one-day
seminars focusing on real-time operating system solutions for
applied computing applications, it was announced today.
Beginning in late October, the 1999 Applied Computing Software
Seminar Series will feature presentations from leading software
companies, including Wind River(R) Systems (VxWorks(R),
Tornado(TM)), QNX Software Systems (QNX(R), Neutrino(R)), and
MontaVista Software (Hard Hat(TM) Linux), in addition to
presentations by Ziatech and Intel.

“The seminar series begins in San Jose on Oct. 29, and continues
in San Diego (Nov. 4), Tokyo (Nov. 8), Dallas (Nov. 30), and Boston
(Dec. 2). Each one-day session begin with registration at 7:30
a.m., includes lunch, and concludes at 5 p.m.”

“Following an introduction from the sponsors, each participating
software company will provide an overview of its operating system.
These overviews will center on software issues of common concern to
developers of applied computing platforms – including high
availability, security, real-time performance, portability,
scalability and true cost of ownership. Example applications will
involve CompactPCI(R) platforms and Intel Architecture

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