BW: New Survey of Enterprise Development Managers Released…

“The study found that overall 60% of development managers plan
to delay writing apps for Windows 2000 until 2001 or later and that
31.7% plan to “never” write Windows 2000 apps. In addition,
cross-tabulations focusing in on corporations currently running NT
show that 27% of those running NT on most of the client computers
in their company plan to “never” write Windows 2000 apps and 55% of
the NT users will not write Windows 2000 apps until 2001 or

“We’ve known for the last year that corporate America is taking
a wait-and-see attitude towards Windows 2000,” said Janel Garvin,
VP Research, “but the fact that well over half have no plans for
adopting Windows 2000 until 2001 or later and that a large percent
of NT users plan never to migrate starts to look like a sea change.
At the same time, support for Linux and Open Source Software is
significantly stronger than six months ago and showing signs of
growing fast.”

“The in-depth phone survey, conducted in December 1999 examines
attitudes, usage patterns, and intentions of over 400 development
or IT managers in positions of responsibility at corporations with
more than 2000 employees. A special 100-page section presents
important deltas among vertical industries in areas like directory
services, platform migration, OSS and Linux usage and intentions,
mainframe development, and budgetary and project projections for
the coming year.”

Press Release