BW: Paramount… B2B-WorkPlace Delivers E-Buying & Project-Costing for Mid-Sized Companies

“Paramount Technologies, Inc., the proven provider of mid-market
B2B buying solutions, today announced the release of
B2B-WorkPlace(TM) 7.0, the only Web-based procurement service that
lets medium-sized businesses easily manage production and
non-production spending, including project time and expenses, with
a single, employee-driven application. The company has also
announced the completion of reseller agreements with
InterpriseSolutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Science
Applications International Corporation (SAIC),
PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte and Touche and Epicor Software
Corporation (NASDAQ: EPIC) joining the over 50 organizations
representing Paramount’s products worldwide. Onyx Acceptance
Corporation (NASDAQ: ONYX) also joins Paramount’s list of over 175
mid-market customers, completing the implementation of the
B2B-WorkPlace 7.0 in February 2000.”

“Available in Intranet and Application Service Provider
versions, B2B-WorkPlace’s two integrated Internet
modules–B2B-BuySite(TM) and B2B-ProjectSite(TM)–bring dramatic
bottom-line benefits to mid-sized and fast-growing businesses and
their industry partners.”

“B2B-WorkPlace is built on Allaire Corp.’s (NASDAQ:
ALLR) Cold Fusion and supports all major operating systems and
platforms, including
Windows, Windows NT, Unix and
Linux. The B2B-WorkPlace system is easily integrated with
major accounting and ERP systems.”

Press Release