BW: PowerCerv Releases New Version Of ERP Plus Software Suite

“Powerful eCommerce functionality, enhanced Customer
Relationship Management integration and Linux support.”

“PowerCerv Corporation released ERP Plus version 9.0 today,
March 10, 2000. The ERP Plus software suite is designed to enable
midsize companies around the world to more efficiently respond to
customers, suppliers and partners at any stage of the relationship
– from the initial sales call through the invoicing process, with
ongoing support.”

“ERP Plus is a fully integrated suite of Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions
enabling true eBusiness by linking front-office and back-office
operations with markets around the world. It is the ERP backbone
that powers information exchange and enhanced business practices
across the entire enterprise. With this release of ERP
Plus 9.0, PowerCerv extends its platform support beyond
Microsoft Windows NT and UNIX to include Linux.”

Press release