BW: The Corporation for National Research Initiatives Announces Python Consortium Created

“Python is an increasingly popular high-level computer
programming language, especially suitable for cross-platform rapid
application development, website creation, and steering of
scientific applications. Python also seamlessly integrates with
Java, through the JPython compiler. Python and JPython are Open
Source products; source and binaries are made available for free
through the Python and JPython websites…”

In the Python Consortium, partners in industry and
government join forces to ensure Python’s continued support and
Initial Consortium partners are the Lawrence
Livermore National Laborarory in Livermore, CA; Hewlett-Packard in
Cupertino, CA; Digital Creations in Fredricksburg, VA; Interet
Corporation in Millburn, NJ; and Foretec Seminars in Reston,

“Python is a major component of our e-speak solutions and is our
preferred language for end-user programming,” says Joe Ellsworth,
R&D section manager of Hewlett-Packard’s OSO/e-speak

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