BW: Unify CEO to Appear Today on RadioWallStreet Internet Broadcast

“Unify Corporation (Nasdaq:UNFY), a leading provider of software
solutions for e-commerce, announced that its President and Chief
Executive Officer Reza Mikailli will participate today on
RadioWallStreet in a panel discussion on the burgeoning Linux

Mikailli will speak on the company’s Linux product
portfolio, the open source software movement and how Unify is
positioned to take advantage of new market opportunities with
The discussion will be part of a RadioWallStreet
appearance today, Thursday, Sept. 9, at 4 p.m. EDT.”

“The panel moderator will be Francis Gaskins, editor of Gaskins
IPO Desktop Editor, regular IPO contributor to Ziff Davis
[email protected] Investor, and host of the Gaskins IPO
Desktop/RadioWallStreet IPO show. Also coordinating the panel
discussion will be Rob Zimmer, Director of RadioWallStreet.”

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