BW: VA Linux Systems Introduces Breakthrough Entry-level Linux PC

“Sub-$800 Linux PC Workstation for Software and Web
Developers Offers Performance in a Compact Yet Expandable

“VA Linux Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:LNUX), a recognized leader in
Linux and Open Source solutions, today launched the StartX(tm)
SP2–an innovative entry-level Linux PC workstation for software
developers, web developers and students. The StartX SP2 Linux PC
introduces significant enhancements in performance and
expandability, as well as multimedia capabilities and
serviceability features that set it apart from other PCs in its

“”The StartX SP2 is an affordable PC designed for software and
web developers and other Linux users who want power and performance
in an compact, flexible package,” said Robert Patrick, director of
product marketing for VA Linux Systems. “The StartX SP2 responds to
the needs of the rapidly growing number of developers using Linux
as a platform. Our entry-level Linux PC complements VA Linux
Systems’ other offerings to developers, such as SourceForge[tm],
the world’s largest Open Source development center, which provides
all the tools developers need to start and maintain Open Source

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