BW: YARC Welcomes Printware Developments

“YARC Systems Corp. (OTCBB:YARC), today confirmed that it is
looking forward to sitting down with the new Board of Directors
of Printware Inc.
, (Nasdaq:PRTW), and discussing ways in
which YARC’s LINUX technology could be used to leverage Printware’s
CTP products to the forefront of the Internet CTP

“A proxy statement was filed with the S.E.C. on April 6, 2000 by
“The Shareholders’ Committee to Improve Printware Shareholder
Value,” soliciting proxies from Printware’s shareholders to be
voted in favor of a proposal to increase the number of directors to
six, and in favor of the election of the Committee’s six director

“YARC has developed proprietary LINUX software that integrates
Printing technologies with the Internet. YARC’s servers can receive
images over the Internet and can be configured and upgraded from
any standard Internet browser. YARC’s Internet technology enables a
direct link between the graphic artist and the printed output,
yielding superior color matching and better consistency from job to

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