C/C++ Users Journal: Debugging under GNU/Linux

“Programmers from fields as diverse as enterprise computing to
embedded systems are venturing into Linux. If you are one of them,
here’s a tool that should be at the top of your download list.”

“If you are writing C/C++ programs for GNU/Linux machines, you
will need to do some debugging as well. And unless you have
purchased a C/C++ compiler other than gcc or g++, or are really
enamored of debugging using printf, you will need to know how to
use the GNU symbolic debugger, gdb. This article is intended to be
a quick introduction to gdb for programmers who are used to
debugging in a graphical environment, with an emphasis on features
of gdb that you may not be used to in a graphical environment.”

“What Is gdb?”

“gdb is the GNU symbolic debugger, used to interactively debug
executable programs. It lets you do all the things you can do in
the debuggers you’re used to….”

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