Calling KDE Artists

Sirtaj Singh

Have you contributed art to the KDE project? Are you an artist
looking for a project which will put your skill to good use? We
need you!

The KDE team is looking to

  1. Provide a central point for artist volunteers like you to
    easily locate projects that need custom art.
  2. Receive proper attribution for the art that you create for the
    project, just as programmers and authors of documentation do.
  3. Provide a forum for you to communicate and coordinate effort
    with the other KDE artists and the rest of the KDE team.

To this end, it would be greatly appreciated if you can send a
short email to Torsten Rahn,
who is coordinating this effort. Torsten would like to know if you

  1. previously contributed to KDE
  2. are currently working on KDE art
  3. have a preference on things you would like to work on

A new mailing list, [email protected] has also been created
for this purpose. You can subscribe (read-only) to this list by
sending a message containing “subscribe” in the message body to
[email protected] Torsten will grant posting privileges,
on request, to people joining the artist team.

Sirtaj Singh

On behalf of the KDE team.