Can Bloomberg Save The Ubuntu Edge?

The Ubuntu Edge smartphone is the source of premature envy the world over. The fact that Ubuntu users can have the most powerful phone in the world???that’s yet to be seen???and not have to deal with a shoehorned installation of their intended operating system, is awesome. The device bodes well for potential Android users as well. Those users who want to have a truly exotic piece of hardware but not have to abandon Android as their primary operating system. The Ubuntu Edge has something for everyone, but will we ever be able to know what it is really capable of? The Ubuntu Edge Indie Gogo campaign smashed crowd-funding records on its first day. Day one set a pace that looked like it would enable Canonical to smash the 32 Million dollar boundary in 2/3rds the time. However, potential investor interest has practically disappeared and Ubuntu’s goal has moved further and further away. That is, until Bloomberg. Yesterday, Bloomberg became the first corporate backer of the Ubuntu Edge smartphone. At $80k, it doesn’t even make a dent in the remaining distance the campaign has to cover, but what it does do is bring the project to a bigger, wealthier audience. Wall Street. But can Bloomberg save the Ubuntu Edge? We certainly hope so, but it is doubtful at this point.