CanadaComputes.com: Gnu Gaming Zone offers great potential, but not much else

“One thing Windows has in spades is a gaming community. There is
hardly a game sold today for Windows that doesn’t have multiplayer
capability. (Whether it works is another issue.)”

“The multiplayer component will usually have a chat room where
you can talk online with fellow fans of the game, arrange games and
generally be part of a community.”

“While Linux has a definite strong sense of community overall,
this community is mainly aligned with the more serious side of
computing: programming, development and advocacy. These are all
noble efforts and interesting in their own way, but there is
something enjoyable about kicking back with fellow users and having
a relaxing game of something. There are certain games like
Freeciv that offer an exceptional multiplayer game, but there is
something lacking. Hard to say what, but it just doesn’t feel

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