Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch Efforts: A Closer Look

[ Thanks to thevarguy2 for this link.

“Most of the hype about touchscreen devices these days
centers around the iPad and other highly proprietary hardware. But
Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, has made major bets in
recent months that touch-enabled computers will become ubiquitous
in the open-source world as well. It made that belief clear last
week when it showcased the Unity interface running on a tablet
computer. Read on for a look.

“Canonical’s major initiatives in recent months have included
the development of a gesture library, called uTouch, for
touchscreen devices, as well as the introduction of Unity, a new
Ubuntu variant customized for netbooks. The convergence of the two
projects was only natural, and was made clear last week in a video
posted on Canonical’s blog.”

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