CBS MarketWatch: GraphOn Corp. Unveils jBridge… Web-Enables Any 32-Bit Windows Application…

“This week, GraphOn Corp… will demonstrate to Application
Service Providers (ASPs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
how they can speed delivery of their applications to the market by
using jBridge to web-enable their 32-bit Windows(R) applications.
…will debut the OEM version of its server-based software,
codename jBridge, at Citrix iForum ’99… in Orlando, Sept. 7-10,

jBridge provides a thin client solution for web-enabling 32-bit
Windows applications without changing a line of code and without
the need for an HTML… or XML… front end. jBridge, is currently
in beta and scheduled for public release later in 1999.

‘With the addition of jBridge, GraphOn is now the only provider
of a comprehensive suite of server-based solutions that link
UNIX(R), Linux(R) and 32-bit Windows server-based applications to
any client running any platform over any connection’…”

“In December 1998, GraphOn acquired the jBridge technology and
development team and facilities from Corel Corp. in an exchange of
technology for stock, giving Corel approximately a 20 percent stake
in GraphOn. Earlier this year, GraphOn unveiled the GraphOn
Playpen, http://playpen.graphon.com, a site featuring Corel
WordPerfect for Linux.”

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