CNET News.com: AOL’s Nullsoft creates software for swapping MP3s

“Nullsoft, which makes the popular Winamp digital music player,
confirmed that it is building a file-swapping program, dubbed
“Gnutella.” Nullsoft said its version will offer improvements over
Napster by reducing network traffic jams that can arise when
thousands of large, compressed music files are traded

“Nullsoft executives say its music software will make it
difficult for university officials to block student access. While
Napster’s software requires music lovers to connect directly to
Napster’s computer system, Nullsoft’s technology will let people
build their own networks to swap files….”

“Pepper said that AOL gives Nullsoft leeway for creating
technology but admits that the music software could ruffle some
feathers. He added, however, that the product is a “labor of love,”
and unlike Napster, his company doesn’t plan to make money off it.
Nullsoft plans to release the “source code” for the product,
allowing anyone to see and modify its original programming

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