CNET News.com: Linux’s importance transcends itself

“Assuming you haven’t spent the last year locked up in a
corporate conference room trying to figure out how to squeeze
another 32 cents out of a dying business model, you know that Linux
has surged into its own. The freely distributed, open-source
operating system that runs on virtually every known processor (and
a few that aren’t yet known) has gained respectability in Corporate

“A couple of weeks ago, IBM joined the ranks of big-name
computer companies that have jumped on the rapidly accelerating
Linux bandwagon. Big Blue was preceded by the likes of Dell,
Compaq, and Hewlett-Packard.”

“Meanwhile, the big software outfits have been busy, too.
Oracle, Lotus, and Informix have joined the growing ranks of
applications companies that are offering Linux versions of their
corporate-standard products.”

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