CNET News.com: Napster, universities sued by Metallica

“Heavy-metal band Metallica sued the Napster MP3-trading
software company and a trio of universities today, charging that
together they were responsible for massive violations of the band’s

“It is the second time the young company has been brought into
court facing charges that its popular music-swapping software is
being used illegally. But it’s the first time that universities,
which have been struggling to manage their own students’ use of the
service, have been brought into the legal firefight.”

“Napster has built a business based on large-scale piracy,” the
band’s lawsuit reads. “Facilitating that are hypocritical
universities and colleges who could easily block this insidious and
ongoing thievery scheme….”

Napster’s attorneys had no initial comment on today’s suit,
other than to say that Metallica had moved to court without first
trying to settle the issue.

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