CNET News.com: Software company GraphOn goes public

Company that bought and licensed back Corel’s jBridge
technology is going public.

“The deal… brought $23 million to GraphOn, which will use the
funds for development…”

“GraphOn aims its ‘Go’ products at software companies that want
to build the Internet into their products… many of which are
incorporating a new model in which they rent use of their software
over a network instead of selling the software… Every major
software company is evaluating this so-called ‘application service
provider’ (ASP) model and using GraphOn software can help them
accomplish the move faster, [GraphOn CEO Walt] Keller said. Market
research firm International Data Corporation has predicted that ASP
business will grow to… $2 billion… by 2003.”

“Another adopter of GraphOn software is Corel, an investor in
GraphOn, which has licensed software so its WordPerfect for Linux
software can be run on a central server with Java-enabled clients
actually doing the word processing.”