CNET News.com: Software firm gains $20 million for Linux transformation

Lynx Real-Time Systems will receive $20 million from
Motorola, TurboLinux and others to help it transform itself into a
Linux company….

“The San Jose, Calif.-based company will use the money in its
effort to make its proprietary operating system, LynxOS,
interchangeable with its version of Linux, called Blue Cat. That
task will be done by the fourth quarter of 2000, Singh said.”

“Lynx is one of several companies pushing the open-source
software into “embedded” devices such as routers, Internet
appliances, telecommunications servers or other non-PC computing
devices. Lineo, one of Lynx’s chief competitors, also has received
an investment from Motorola and has been acquiring embedded Linux
companies at a furious pace.”

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