CNET News.com: Transmeta shoots for 700 MHz with new chip

The highly secretive start-up Transmeta today finally
unveiled its technology plans and made it clear that it aims to
compete against chip giant Intel.

“At a company conference here, Transmeta said that it will come
out with two different processors for distinct classes of devices.
The first, a low-power chip called the 3120, will run at about 400
MHz and go into handheld devices and Internet appliances running
Linux, said Steve Johnson, head of software operations at

“A second chip, called the 5400, will run at between 500 MHz and
700 MHz and include a 250-MHz secondary cache integrated into the
chip. This chip will be targeted at Windows-based notebook
computers. Combined with its “long-life” power management
technology, the 5400 will run on one watt of power. Users will be
able to run their notebook all day on batteries, Johnson said.”

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