CNET News.com: Windows 95 remains most popular operating system

“Computer makers are the first to note that they ship more
systems to corporate customers with Windows 95 than Window 98.
…few of the major PC companies will let an individual customer
order Windows 95 as an option, which obviously boosts Windows 98
market share among consumers.”

“Windows NT sales are also picking up dramatically… While NT
has the smallest installed base, it has the fastest growth rate in
terms of sales, as customers look for the easiest upgrade path to
Windows 2000. …NT showed surprising growth last year, accounting
for 11 percent of the desktop operating system market.”

“Linux garnered 2.1 percent of the desktop operating system
, ahead of Windows 3.11, Unix, and OS/2]. Linux is more
popular as a server operating system than as a desktop client, [IDC
analyst Dan] Kusnetzky said, because there are far more
applications written for Windows.”