CNET News.com: Zero-Knowledge hires Mozilla’s “international incident”

“Zero-Knowledge Systems, a Canadian firm whose Freedom software
lets users conceal their identities online, today said it had hired
Mike Shaver, who is currently winding up his short tenure heading
developer relations and evangelism for America Online’s open source
browser development group, Mozilla.org….”

Hiring Shaver signals the company’s plans to move its
software into open source development, in which the underlying
source code is published
, volunteer developers can work on it,
and people and companies can use it under the terms of a public

“Zero-Knowledge is one of several firms offering software that
lets users surf under an alias. Freedom goes a step further,
however, letting users shop, chat, send email and surf the Web
while covering their tracks so that Web sites, Internet service
providers and law enforcement officials cannot monitor or review
their activities.”

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