CNET News: Does Mozilla Do It Better?

“A list making the rounds on the Internet’s newsgroups and
discussion boards says you can do more things with the Mozilla
browser than you can with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer–101
things, to be precise.

“The list, which has been making its way through newsgroups and
discussion forums frequented by programmers, enumerates 101 of
Mozilla’s capabilities that author Neil Deakin says Microsoft’s
market-leading IE browser lacks, including the ability to navigate
numerous browser windows through tabs and the ability to block
pop-up advertisements.

“Deakin, a 28-year-old Toronto resident, contributes
occasionally to the Mozilla open-source project and maintains a
tutorial on Extensible User Interface Language (XUL), a Mozilla
technology for creating the browser interface with common Web
development languages rather than native computer code…”


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